Why can others do it but we can’t?

Why do other people succeed but we fail?

I, like you, have been searching for answers for years. The market always remains the same. The only thing that changed is my account which has gone with the wind. Trade, lose, stop, and continue trading. This vicious circle had obsessed me for many years before I realized something. Trading is patient and discipline. Trading is fun when doing nothing. And most importantly, trading is sharing useful things for everyone.

That’s why the Binary Trading Review website was born.

binarytradingreview – who are we?

Binary Trading Review is a website sharing knowledge, trading strategies, and most importantly practical skills to earn money in the financial market (Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, etc.)

We are a group of traders from many parts of the world including Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, the USA, etc. For years, we have been operating  in the field of financial transactions. We love boring things, love trading, and love to share.

Reason for establishment

Eliminating the mistakes, the illusion of “making money and get rich quick” from the financial market.

You often see such ads like “Join trading in the Forex, CFD, Coin, or Binary Options markets to make money easily and quickly.”.

But in reality, 95% of traders are losing. This number has remained for hundreds of years and will continue to be true for hundreds of years to come.

Equipping with the most accurate terms and knowledge for trading

Trading is patient. Trading is discipline. However, no one has ever shared these things.

Over the years, many financial websites have been following an old motif. They teach you about technical analysis (candlestick pattern, price pattern, indicator, etc.). Then, they show you how to become a trader of some platforms.

Nobody says or teaches you about patience, discipline, or how to overcome the psychological factors in trading.

Binary Trading Review will focus on these things. We will guide you with the most accurate approach. Be patient and disciplined before trading.

All knowledge shared must be proven to make money

Anyone can become a technical analyst after 3 months, and anyone can teach you trading.

But in fact, writers or trading teachers largely do not make money from the market. This is why they can only teach you based on historical price charts. They analyze and argue like the storytellers of the past.

At Binary Trading Review, writers are all experienced traders. This is our mandatory requirement. You must be a trader. You must experience the feeling of losing money. Or you must be under psychological pressure in trading and must earn money.

Core values

Serving the community – All posts shared on this site are for the community.

Respecting – Respect ourselves, respect colleagues, respect readers, respect partners.

Honesty – Knowledge, and evaluation must be truthful and objective. There must be compelling statistics and evidence.

Development history

2016 – Forming the Binary Trading Review trading community.

2017 – Become one of the prestigious partners of Binary Option and Forex trading platforms such as Olymp Trade, IQ Option, Expert Option, Exness, XM, etc.

2018 – Establishing Binary Trading Review trading fund and investing in: Cryptocurrencies, Binary Options, Forex.

2019 – Establishing the Binary Trading Review website. Sharing knowledge and trading skills in financial markets.

One last word

I hope you will harvest a lot from this site such as knowledge, experience, and skills.

Think carefully before start trading. And once you start, do everything correctly. The difficulties you experience will surely be valuable lessons in the future.

I wish you lots of health and good luck. Love!